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Types of Weights

These are different types of Fishing Weights

Fishing Equipment

Fishing is one of the best ways to spend time with Friens or you can go alone if you love your own company. It's a perfect activity to go out and enjoy Fishing. I bet if you are a Fishing lover person you would enjoy the whole process like going to the Fishing destination, The main part Fishing, and waiting for the next Fishing day to come.  If you are a beginner or you want to know more about Fishing then you should know about basic Fishing Equipment and how to use them for Fishing.  There are varieties of Fishing Equipment available in the market. Some of the basic Fishing Equipements are Fishing Rods, Reels,  Fishing Lines, Hooks, Waits, Swivels, Fishing Kor, F loaters. Rod  Reel Fishing Lines Hooks Waits Swivels Fishing Kor Floaters Bait We will share more about these Fishing Equipements in our next post. Thank you! and Enjoy Fishing .......

Fishing and Fishing Techniques

Fishing Trying to catch fish using some techniques called Fishing. There are so many types of Fishing like Angling, Netting, Spearfishing, Hand Gathering, Trapping, etc. These are the most popular methods of Fishing we have mentioned. Also, there are many more methods people use to catch fish.   1. Angling: This is the most popular and oldest technique of fishing. There are two different ways of Angling you can see like Fresh Water Fishing and Salt Water Fishing. Nowadays these methods became the most popular sports and people are getting more interest in Fishing. Down here you can see Rods, Reel, and Bait or Hooks. Rods, Reel and Hooks 2.    Netting : About 180 AD people started using this technique. This method majorly used for commercial Fishing. There are several netting methods available like Chinese Fishing Nets, Cast Nets, Drift Nets, Gillnetting, Ghost Nets, Half Nets, Hand Nets, Seien Nets, Surrounding nets, Trawl Nets. Below mentio