Fishing and Fishing Techniques

Trying to catch fish using some techniques called Fishing. There are so many types of Fishing like Angling, Netting, Spearfishing, Hand Gathering, Trapping, etc. These are the most popular methods of Fishing we have mentioned. Also, there are many more methods people use to catch fish.


This is the most popular and oldest technique of fishing. There are two different ways of Angling you can see like Fresh Water Fishing and Salt Water Fishing.
Nowadays these methods became the most popular sports and people are getting more interest in Fishing.
Down here you can see Rods, Reel, and Bait or Hooks.
Rods, Reel and Hooks

2.   Netting :

About 180 AD people started using this technique. This method majorly used for commercial Fishing. There are several netting methods available like Chinese Fishing Nets, Cast Nets, Drift Nets, Gillnetting, Ghost Nets, Half Nets, Hand Nets, Seien Nets, Surrounding nets, Trawl Nets.

Below mentioned technique called Cast Net.

   3.   Spearfishing :

Man with a Spear

It is an ancient technique of Fishing using with an normal spear or some variant such as arrow, harpoon. There are a few types of Spear Fishing like Bow Fishing, Gigging, Harpoons, Tridents, and Modern Spearguns.

    4.   Trapping :

Men with Fishing Traps

It’s a traditional way of Fishing using some kind of pots kept in the river or any tidal area with some attractant to attract to Fish and lifted periodically.
   5.   Hand Gathering :

Hand Gathering
Hand Gathering is a technique of Fishing using hand or man-made bamboo structure with both ends open (locally name Polo). This method is very popular in Asian countries like India, Bangladesh.


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